About - Darren Cambridge

Based on Washington, D.C., I help progressive, mission-based organizations use photography to communicate and celebrate a deep understanding of what they do - why it’s important, interesting, challenging, and rich in joy and meaning. Good photography can capture the ecosystem of people, places, tools, and activity behind numbers and results. Making such pictures requires more than photographic skill and aesthetic judgment. It demands an understanding of your organization that goes below the surface level of typical PR and marketing.

In addition to photographic talent, I have experience as a researcher, writer, advocate, organizational leader, technology developer, and teacher, working for non-profit, academic, and government organizations (which I continue to do as President of the Cambridge Learning Group). In consequence, I am uniquely positioned to rapidly acquire nuanced understanding of your work and apply it to capture images that advance your strategic communications. Working with you, not only will we create compelling images but also plan how they can help you powerfully connect with crucial audiences.

Some of the organizations with which I have worked include: 

- Aloha Foundation

- Coalition for Teaching Quality 

- Creative Minds International Public Charter School

- Europortfolio

- National Council of Teachers of English

- The Sentencing Project 

- United States Department of Education 

In addition to my work with organizations, I am passionate about street photography, documenting literacy across Washington, DC, and photographing my family and friends. 

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